Sunday, October 4, 2009

The MN Endurance Team would like to thank everyone that came out this year and supported the Children's Tumor Foundation by wearing a singlet during your race, t-shirt to cheer or volunteer, or to the many that joined Team Connor, Team Henry, Team Theo, Team Lease, or fundraised individually. We are so grateful for all the support we received this year. We cannot raise awareness, find treatments, or a cure with out your help.
As of Oct. 1st, the MN Chapter has raised close to $40,000 and there is still more $$$ coming in.
Thank you for your continued support, and look forward to seeing you all in April of 2010 at the Get in Gear!
Kari Harrison

Thursday, September 10, 2009

TC Marathon and Family Day Events
The Twin Cities Marathon, 10 mile and Family day events are just around the corner. I just wanted to let people know a general schedule for that weekend.
Saturday, Oct. 3
In the morning we will have a table set up at the Family day events. There is a 10K, 5K and family runs. The NF Endurance team will be participating that morning.
Saturday Evening
The NF Endurance team will be hosting a pasta dinner at the Hotel Sofitel off of 494/100.
The dinner will start at 5:30pm.
More details to come.
Sunday, October 4
Come out and join the NF Endurance team and CTF at our cheer section. We will be located at 660 Summit Ave.
Help us cheer on all the NF Endurance team athletes that are running the marathon and the 10 mile.
Volunteer Opportunities
I want to thank those that have offered their time to support our cause at the TC Marathon Expo booth. We still have some slots to fill;
Friday evening: 4-8pm (1 person)
Saturday: 1-4:30 (2 persons)
If you would like to help out, please email me and I will followup with all the details. Please feel free to pass this request on to any friends, family, neighbors that would like to support our chapter. Donation of time from people is just as valuable as $$. Public awareness of CTF and NF will lead us to more support in our efforts to find the cure. Every little bit of time, effort and $$ will get us to our goal.
Thanks again! Hope all is well!
It is a weekend full of great family activities, and opportunities to help support the NF Endurance team and CTF.
If you are available to join us for any of these events, PLEASE let us know. You can email me at
Thanks again for supporting CTF. We hope to see you in October!

Friday, August 7, 2009

YWCA'S Womens Triathlon

The YWCA'S Women's Triathlon is on Aug. 16th out at Baker Park Reserve. The race starts at 8:00 am. If you are around next weekend, please consider coming out and cheering on 15 women to the finish line.
We are racing to raise awareness and money for the Children's Tumor Foundation.
If you can't make it, please consider making a donation to
or to There are women racing for both teams.
Thank you for your consideration and we hope you can make it to this event!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Upcoming Event

Urban Half Marathon and 5K
The urban Half Marathon and 5K will take place on Saturday, August 1st.
We also need volunteers for stuff bags for this event. Please contact Murray McCartan at if you are available for the race or volunteering.
Volunteer Information
Hello Friends of Wood Lake Nature Center!
We are busy gearing up for our annual Urban Wildland Half Marathon and 5K Races that directly supports the 38-year partnership between Richfield Public Schools and the center. Each student grades k-6th grade come on three environmental education programs a year that are supported by the race as school budgets have become increasingly tight. In order to make the race a success we need to stuff over 1500 “green” runner bags, so to do that we are having a bag stuffing PARTY!
We need volunteers to aid in stuffing bags for approximately 3-4 hours Monday, July 27. We will have food, beverages, and tunes to enjoy as we stuff! Please consider joining us, we need a volunteer crew of at least 15 people.

Date: Monday, July 27
Time: 9am-12:30pm
Location: Richfield Ice Arena (66th Street and Portland Ave in Richfield)
636 E. 66th Street
Race Website:

Please let me know you are coming by Friday, July 24 (email or call)

Hope to see you there,

Amy Markle
(612) 861-9369


Monday, July 13, 2009

TC 10 Mile Registration Closes on July 15th!

The NF Endurance team has 2 teams signing up for the TC 10 mile. Please let us know if you would like to register as a team for this event. We still have a couple spots left at this time.

Our next event is the Urban Half Marathon and 5K on August 1. Let us know if you would like to run at this event.

Thank You for joining the NF Endurance team.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello everyone. Here are some upcoming participation/volunteer opportunities to support CTF-MN/NF Endurance Team. If you are interested in any of these events, please leave an email for us at
Hope to see many of you this summer!

Spring and Summer mean plenty of athletic and volunteer opportunities to participate with the NF Endurance Team. Thanks to all who have already participated in or who are registered for upcoming events. As always, check out our blog page for updates, too:

Upcoming events:
Registration for the TC 10 Mile is in July. Please let us know if you would like to register for this event under the NF Endurance team. We are going to have people register groups for this event. There is not a guarantee to get in if you register as a group.

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon, July 11th.
Other than you triathletes already registered, we need 25 volunteers to assist Lifetime with this event. Lifetime has granted us a booth to promote the Children's Tumor Foundation during this event's Expo. Please----come join our efforts!

Urban Wildland Half Marathon and 5K, August 1st. This Richfield course is flat and fast, great for a PR! Register by 7/1 for the following fees: $38 HM/ $18 5K

Thanks for your consideration and participation,
Murray McCartan
NF Endurance Team CaptainMN ChapterChildren's Tumor Foundation

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello CTF community and NF Endurance team,
Spring and Summer mean plenty of athletic and volunteer opportunities to participate with the NF Endurance Team. We have some events coming up this summer that we need both participants for races and volunteers for booths and cheer sections. Please consider helping us out at 1 or more of the upcoming events.
Upcoming events:

TCM Kids Cross Country Run, Como Park, May 16th. 1/2 Mile, 1 Mile and 2 mile events for the kids. Register at the Twin Cities Marathon website or at ttps://

Minneapolis Marathon and Events. Below is information regarding the Minneapolis Marathon, Half, 10-mile, and 5K on May 31st. Please note the referral code, then go to the link and register. Our team goal is 40 runners. As of May 1st, we have 14 registered. Team NF Endurance should register at: need to type in the referral code: NFEndurance (This is at the top of the 1st page)Later in the registration process, for Team Affiliation click "Other"

Celebration of Children 5K and Kids Fun Run: Shakopee, June 6th. A flat, fast course. Great for a PR and the kids running events (free!) are after the adult 5K. Register at Type in Celebration of Children 5K in the "Search" at the top of the page, then click on it under "Featured Events."

Lake Minnetonka Triathlon, June 20th: We are still looking for people who would like to participate in this event, as well as people to help out with the cheer section and hopefully a booth.

Lifetime Fitness Triathlon, July 11th. Other than you triathletes already registered, we need volunteers at our booth to promote the Children's Tumor Foundation during this event's Expo.

Please leave a comment or email us if you are able to attend any of these events.

Thanks for your consideration and participation,

Murray McCartan -NF Endurance Team Captain MN Chapter
Children's Tumor Foundation

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upcoming Events
Coming up are is the TC Marathon Kids Day event on May 16, 2009 and the Downtown Marathon on May 31. Please check out these events and let us know if you are interested in joining our group. Please register under the NFEndurance team for the downtown race, information is posted in a past blog on this race.
Please share this information with your friends and families.
Get in Gear, April 25, 2009
Our first running event was the Get in Gear, and that took place on Saturday, April 25, 2009. Thank you to all the runners who came out and helped us raised awareness for Neurofibromatosis (NF). We had close to 30 people running with our group on Saturday. (Not everyone is in this picture). What a presence we have with such a large group. Thank you for making a difference in your running events! Thankfully the rain held off as well. What a great day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get in Gear race information.
Get in Gear is this Saturday, April 25th at Minnehaha park. If you are participating in this event, please meet us at 8:15 am on the North side of the t-shirt tent. We would like to get some group pictures before all the races start.
Please be sure to check the GIG website for packet pick up and parking information. You will not be able to park near the start on race day.
We look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday. Let's hope the rain holds off until everyone is done running.
As always, thank you for coming out and helping us raise awareness for NF! We couldn't do it with out you!
Please leave a message if you have any questions.
See you Saturday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello Fellow NF runners,
Even though we are in the throes of preparation for the Get in Gear on April 25th (26 runners to date!), below is information regarding the Minneapolis Marathon, Half and 5K on May 31st. Please note the referral code, then go to the link and register. Our team goal is 40 runners. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Team NF Endurance should register at: They need to type in the referral code: NFEndurance (This is at the top of the 1st page). Later in the registration process, for Team Affiliation, click "Other". They will then get $.25 off of registration… to confirm that they did register with the correct promotion code. When 40 people register with that promotion code from your team, your team will qualify for a tent at the race village.
Thanks so much!
Murray McCartan

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The NF Endurance Team has joined up with Team Ortho for our training runs on Saturdays. Below is information regarding the upcoming training on April 4, 2009. If you would like to get involved with this group, please contact us as, or leave a message on this post along with a way to get in touch with you.

Dear Runners,
There are now less then 60 days left before the Downtown Marathon/Half Marathon on
May 31st. Our training runs are continuing to get longer as we build up our endurance for the big day. This week the marathon group will be doing a 14 mile run and the half Marathon group will be doing 5 miles. I have decided to keep the meeting location at the same place as last week due to the weather conditions and since most people are familiar with the area, we will also be moving our meeting time to 8:00am.
This week we will meet at the Mill Ruins Park on the west side of the river. We will start by jogging to the actual start line of the marathon and doing the full 5 mile first loop. The marathon group will do two of the upper loops with a little more added on. The Half Marathon group will only need to do the first loop. If you have not been on one of the group training runs yet I highly recommend it. Don't let the bad weather conditions keep you from missing out. Our training group has grown and formed into a very diverse group. We have newbie runners all the way up to veteran marathoners and pace groups ranging from 8:30 mile pace to walkers. There is a great chance that you can find someone here to help motivate you in your training.
Additionally, we will have all the amenities on this run that we have had at the others. There will be a water stop serving Lemon Lime Heed and water at various points in the run. There are bathrooms on the course located in 4 different areas spaced out approximately every 2 miles.

14 miles is a long way to run on a rainy, snowy day but its a lot longer if you do it alone. I hope that you will brave the predicted snow and join me for a good training run.

See you there,

Caleb, Team Ortho

Welcome to the Minnesota NF Endurance Team Blog Page

Welcome to the NF Endurance Team blog spot. I hope that you will check in with us throughout the year to see what events we will be participating in. Look for updates, pictures from events and training information.

Please feel free to leave comments for anyone reading. Looking for someone to train with? Leave a message here. We will try and get you connected with someone. Need information on a race, please leave a message.

We hope that you have a great season, and look forward to seeing you at our events this summer.
Kari Harrison

NF Endurance Team - Minnesota